Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Sure Set For Cake

Man, I opened my email this morning and my mail last week.... and they were FILLED with birthday emails/shout outs. Thanks to everyone. I enjoyed it. :) I felt so loved that I wanted to do something. Sooo.... I’m sending out a birthday shout out to everyone who had or will have a birthday in the year 2010. Happy birthday everyone!!! I love you!

It was a great week and a great birthday. I got the package mom. Thank you. The mini dictionary is so awesome. The bible too. Thank you. The treats were absolutely amazing. I love candy/treats. and surprisingly I don't eat very much of that.

I’m sure set for cake. A less active sister gave me a cake yesterday. haha It was so random. She's quite a cooker though. She sells at La Pulga - tamales and such. She made this cake.... 3 leches. Oh man! It was awesome. And then another missionary made me one. And then Elder B and I made brownies. hahaha Soooo good.

We had interviews this week. I’m surprised on how much of the input they take from the zone leaders - on how everyone is doing; conflicts, leadership suggestions, etc. It was cool. I had a great interview with President. He is great. So is Sister McConkie. Mom - she always talks about you. haha She even brought the Church News with your pic just to show me.

Elder H and I finished up our exchanges this past week. It was a blast. We go into areas and just work. We always seem to have really good success too. It’s a lot of fun. My zone is packed with awesome missionaries.

So between interviews and exchanges... the week was kind of shot. Elder B does really well though while I’m gone. He has got to be one of my favorite companions. Seriously. Great guy. The bummer part is that he is being transferred. I am so bummed. At interviews I even tried talking President into letting us be together one more transfer. haha No go. So I am staying in this area as a zone leader and also training a new missionary.

Elder H leaves this week. I’m also going to miss him a lot. I’ve learned so much from him. Great missionary. We all had a lot of fun this transfer. Elder D is staying. Boo yah!

We are moving apartments next week. Yikes. Hectic. BUT we are getting our very own washer and dryer. holla.

Well sorry this is so short and sporadic... I don't have any more time.

Thanks again for all of the birthday wishes and pictures. I loved it. Have a great week. Give Grandma my love.

Elder Stoneman

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