Monday, August 23, 2010

"We're Charlestonians!!"

Hola - que onda? Pues estoy aqui disfrutando los correos electronicos de mi familia. Pues tengo algo de decir.... So, I’m not funny anymore? I think I got more complaints about not funny emails today than doors slammed in my face this past week. jacked. haha I love you guys. Sorry I forget the funnies. But no worries I got this sweet quote book that I write funny quotes and stories in.

It was a decent week. Kinda slow. I think I’m used to the heat. We went in to eat at Arbys on Sat and an old guy offered to buy us lunch because he was impressed that we worked out in the hot sun. We sat and ate with him and his 90 year old mom. I think she had dementia. She kept saying, "We're Charlestonians!!" haha Like 5 times at random moments during the conversation.

Yesterday we had something way sweet. A Charleston missionary fireside. President came down and spoke. All members, investigators, less active, and recent converts were invited. Wondeful turnout. The meeting itself was very spiritual. There was this recent convert family that was baptized 6 months ago who spoke. They have got to be the most solid members I have ever seen.. I was in the zone when they were investigating. I remember hearing about them. It was so sweet.

Our investigators are doing really well. However we can't find L. We'll see. The others are coming along for the 11th of Sept.

I’m sorry to say the same thing over... but I really will write more next week. We had to go to the library today and I’m out of time. Literally. Also I’m going shark tooth hunting this afternoon. I promise to write more.... and be funnier next week to please my audience.

I love you.

Church is true.

E Sto

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