Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am Loving the Field

It has been a pretty good week. I am loving the field. It's hard, but fun... I do miss everyone. I was so pumped opening up my emails this morning and seeing all the love waitin’ for me. boo yah. I thoroughly enjoyed all of news and updates. And the pics of Calvin in the ballet.

So, it is incredibly hot. I go through a full 2 liters of water in my camel back every day. It gets cloudy and then when the sun finally breaks through I feel like I’m in an oven. I can honestly say I’m a bit concerned about the summer.

The ward continues to be very friendly. We have a lot of member exchanges which is very nice. We need the rides.... and their testimonies too of course! Good people out here. Seriously. I love it.

We are teaching quite a few people now. The past couple of weeks Elder A and I have had some great success and blessings ... and have gotten some really good numbers! My district is doing so well. The sisters had 8 investigators at church!! I hold my first district meeting tomorrow.

We had a zone conference last Thursday. Amazing. There were some great trainings. There was an emphasis on the BoM and then towards the end of the meeting President issued the challenge for us to read the entire BoM in one transfer – in 6 weeks. and mark every reference to Christ. I'm so excited to do that and it will be a good experience. It already has been.

When Elder Andersen came and had President share the story of his dad - after he sat down Elder Andersen asked if the missionaries had ever seen the footage of Elder McConkie's final testimony. President said no. Then very frankly Elder Andersen suggested that he show it to us. So we ended this zone conference by watching Bruce R. McConkie's final testimony. Way cool. Then we closed with "I Believe in Christ." It was very sweet.

THEN we got new phones. I'm rocking a blackberry. :)

I love the work. I love the people I work with. They have such an incredible culture.

Well I gotta go. Sorry this is so short. Let me know if there is anything specific you'd like me to write about next week. I love you all!

Now go do some missionary work - and think of me :)

Elder Stoneman

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Elder Stoneman at Work

Saying Goodbye in Goose Creek

Hey, Home!

How’s it going back in Utah? I hope all is well. Thanks for the letters Mom and Max. Loved them.

My last few days in Goose Creek were awesome. I stopped to see both convert families. They were devastated. I’m not gonna lie... it was really hard to say goodbye. They are so awesome. They showed their gratitude for me. They thanked Heavenly Father for sending me and for the gospel and for bringing their families closer together.

So then I packed up and left.

Then transfers. I’m not in Greenville (Elder D was wrong!) I’m actually in Columbia. Wow. I’m in the Windsor Lake Ward area. It's awesome. The area is way cool. Big trailer parks! Love those :) And there isn't as much biking to do. We also have more monthly miles allowed us on the car.

President announced my name at transfers... with a surprise calling - District Leader. Man, I didn't expect that one, President. Seriously. I wasn't expecting anything. But I am excited for it. I get to learn me some leadership. boo yah.

The district is made up of just me and my comp and a set of sisters. The sisters were very excited to hear that my sister served a mission.

My new comp is Elder A. He's only been out 2 transfers and this is his greeny area. He's a good guy. Really cool. We get along great. He's from Ogden

We're working with a great couple. Other than that, we need to build the teaching pool.

The ward itself is awesome. Okay, let me say this... they are "The Friendliest Ward on Earth" ... that is their claim.... literally. Apparently the First Presidency knows about it type thing... and they make sure everyone knows it and believes it. It's awesome. The bishop is really nice and caring. The ward mission leader... amazing. He knows how to do it. Very missionary minded.

Well that's really about it. I’m gonna jet... but all is well... I think I covered almost everything but if you have more questions about the area of whatever... shoot them to me and I’ll answer them next week.

Love ya!

Elder Stoneman

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wee Portion of Note to Mom

Thank you for the love. For teaching me to love. For the delicios mom-food. Thanks for teaching me to love music and performing. Thanks for supporting me in all my various efforts. Thank you for a loving home. Thank you for your generosity. Thanks for sending me out on a mission. And thank you for making sure you write at least something every week.

You are always my mom... so it's always Mother's Day. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

There are so many turtles...

May Day 2010

Well Hey!

How’re YA'LL doin? It was awesome to hear from everyone this morning. Thanks for all the mail. Things sound busy and growing back home... I’m missin out on a lot... but it's ALL good... I’m a missionary! boo yah

It has been an awesome week. It continues to be way slow during the day and way hot. Ugh. The famous humidity I’ve been hearing about finally hit. Not even joking... it's a whole new level. One day Elder Dunn and I were making comparisons to the humidity... you know when you are sitting in a car when it's turned off, on a really hot day and the windows are rolled up... it's kinda like that. Except you can't EVER get out of the car. haha It's everywhere!

ANYWAY... besides the hot conditions... things are great. We had some decent success this week. AND we had two more baptisms!! M and P both showed up no problem to the service... early. They looked so happy and excited.

The baptism service itself was way cool. Once again, great turnout and fellowshipping. Elder Dunn baptized M and I baptized P. They came to church the next day and we had ward members confirm them. Then throughout church they were awesome. New solid members - they participated in class and mingled with the members. It’s a blessing to see that alone.

Well that's about it.. Love you all!

Elder Stoneman