Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Well Hey!

How’re YA'LL doin? It was awesome to hear from everyone this morning. Thanks for all the mail. Things sound busy and growing back home... I’m missin out on a lot... but it's ALL good... I’m a missionary! boo yah

It has been an awesome week. It continues to be way slow during the day and way hot. Ugh. The famous humidity I’ve been hearing about finally hit. Not even joking... it's a whole new level. One day Elder Dunn and I were making comparisons to the humidity... you know when you are sitting in a car when it's turned off, on a really hot day and the windows are rolled up... it's kinda like that. Except you can't EVER get out of the car. haha It's everywhere!

ANYWAY... besides the hot conditions... things are great. We had some decent success this week. AND we had two more baptisms!! M and P both showed up no problem to the service... early. They looked so happy and excited.

The baptism service itself was way cool. Once again, great turnout and fellowshipping. Elder Dunn baptized M and I baptized P. They came to church the next day and we had ward members confirm them. Then throughout church they were awesome. New solid members - they participated in class and mingled with the members. It’s a blessing to see that alone.

Well that's about it.. Love you all!

Elder Stoneman

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