Monday, September 27, 2010

Hump Day - done!

Hump day... done! It’s weird. Time is going by so quickly.

I got a really nice letter from Max. I wrote Ben and Sam and Molly. I asked them for emails to find out the latest. I gotta go... but I got your email and the package from Jana. Freaking sweet.

We have another 4 day meeting this week in Columbia. I’m stoked. I’m going up right now. The weather is cooling down, but still warm. Rained all day yesterday... brought back fond memories of last winter.

I’m doing well but a little stressed out. I keep getting more and more responsibilities from random people. A lot of people rely on me and sometimes it's tough.

Mom don't worry though... I’m keeping a good attitude. :)

Love you guys.

Elder Aug

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

North Chas Comps

Zone Leader Council

Finally Cooling Down!

Hey Mom and Dad.

Mom - thanks for the email... I loved hearing about the goings-on back home. I’m a little bummed though... to be honest. I want to go to the fair!!! I’ll miss next year's too. Oh well...

To answer some questions, Mom... no effects from Hurricane Earl. Although... it has cooled down a ton. Finally. I heard from a member though that there is going to be a HUGE hurricane at the end of the month... true or false?

Oh Mom... thanks for the picture of Max. That has got to be the coolest picture I have ever seen. Max - you da man!

We had a way good week. Elder S came and trained us at zone leader council. He trained on consistency (which was what I trained on). It was cool. A few days later we had zone conference and he trained on similar things. I really think that we will see some success from this... we've actually been seeing some SWEET stuff from our leadership training in July. Pretty amazing. President McConkie is the man.

C is still a little if-y for this weekend.... but a better if-y.... I have faith. It'll happen. She and her son are so cool. They've been to church 4 times now. She's just concerned because she "hasn't felt the presence of God at church yet" Elder C and I are going to do a church tour with her this week and make it a really spiritual experience. Pray for her that she will feel it's true.

Dad... can I have our priesthood line of authority? also... I don't know the conversion story of the Stonemans/Gibbons/Bannatynes/Bays..... can I get those stories?

Oh bytheway - transfer calls - everyone is staying in North Chas from my apartment. Only four people in the whole zone are getting transferred. Small transfer. So Elder P and I are still the zone leaders. And Elder D is staying. And obviously I get to baptize with Elder C.

We met these Honduran sisters last Sunday. We've taught them every other day. They are so solid. I am amazed how well they are learning and truly want baptism. They are on date for the 2nd of Oct... conference weekend. Keep M and M in your prayers.

That's about it. I love you guys.

E Sto

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pictures!!!...finally....I know

Return to Goose Creek

Hey Mom you sent that letter just in time. I was so glad to receive it. I also got a letter from Derick. Sounds like things are going really well for him. I also got a letter from the Goomi. Thank you so much for that.

I went on exchanges last week back into the Goose Creek area. Man! It was so cool to go back for a day. I loved working the old trailer parks - Piggly Wiggly, Summercreek, the pines, red bank... heck yeah! I loved it. It was also way sweet because I got to visit F and P. Man! They are doing so well. They really understand the gospel. They fed us of course.

Then the next day I went on another exchange back in my area. I don't remember if I ever mentioned Elder T - my DL from the Goose Creek days. He's now an assistant to the President. He came down to do exchanges with me. It was so fun. Spanish work. He doesn't speak Spanish... so I would just teach and then translate both ends during a lesson so Elder T could understand and teach as well. Pretty cool.

Other than that...

It has been a trying week. Towards the end of it I began to feel really inadequate and discouraged. I felt like it would be really tough to baptize much with Elder C. I took the advice from a previous training about dropping those investigators that wouldn't progress. We dropped two different investigators. It was tough, but we had faith. My spirits were lifted as the Lord blessed us... we had an amazing lesson with an investigator who is getting more and more solid for baptism on the 18th. And then someone (non member) showed up to church. A young woman who is living with her very active extended family for a year. Her uncle got up and bore his testimony in Spanish and told her that he wasn't asking her to convert but to be open to the gospel as they would be taking to her church every week. It was incredible. We are going to see them on Thursday. The ups and downs on the mission are pretty huge. I've learned how to endure them. I still may get frustrated every now and then, but I press forward.

I really hope I’m with Elder C for one more transfer. We have some really cool people coming up and I want to baptize with him. Transfer calls are on Saturday.

Keep C in your prayers. She is just right on the verge of conversion. Pray that she'll just accept and make that step. She and her son are scheduled for the 18th of Sept.

Well that's it for today. Elder P and I have zone leader council today. We have a general authority coming. I have to give a talk. yikes. My topic is what the mission needs. I chose to speak on consistency.

I love you guys.

Elder Stoneman