Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finally Cooling Down!

Hey Mom and Dad.

Mom - thanks for the email... I loved hearing about the goings-on back home. I’m a little bummed though... to be honest. I want to go to the fair!!! I’ll miss next year's too. Oh well...

To answer some questions, Mom... no effects from Hurricane Earl. Although... it has cooled down a ton. Finally. I heard from a member though that there is going to be a HUGE hurricane at the end of the month... true or false?

Oh Mom... thanks for the picture of Max. That has got to be the coolest picture I have ever seen. Max - you da man!

We had a way good week. Elder S came and trained us at zone leader council. He trained on consistency (which was what I trained on). It was cool. A few days later we had zone conference and he trained on similar things. I really think that we will see some success from this... we've actually been seeing some SWEET stuff from our leadership training in July. Pretty amazing. President McConkie is the man.

C is still a little if-y for this weekend.... but a better if-y.... I have faith. It'll happen. She and her son are so cool. They've been to church 4 times now. She's just concerned because she "hasn't felt the presence of God at church yet" Elder C and I are going to do a church tour with her this week and make it a really spiritual experience. Pray for her that she will feel it's true.

Dad... can I have our priesthood line of authority? also... I don't know the conversion story of the Stonemans/Gibbons/Bannatynes/Bays..... can I get those stories?

Oh bytheway - transfer calls - everyone is staying in North Chas from my apartment. Only four people in the whole zone are getting transferred. Small transfer. So Elder P and I are still the zone leaders. And Elder D is staying. And obviously I get to baptize with Elder C.

We met these Honduran sisters last Sunday. We've taught them every other day. They are so solid. I am amazed how well they are learning and truly want baptism. They are on date for the 2nd of Oct... conference weekend. Keep M and M in your prayers.

That's about it. I love you guys.

E Sto

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