Monday, September 27, 2010

Hump Day - done!

Hump day... done! It’s weird. Time is going by so quickly.

I got a really nice letter from Max. I wrote Ben and Sam and Molly. I asked them for emails to find out the latest. I gotta go... but I got your email and the package from Jana. Freaking sweet.

We have another 4 day meeting this week in Columbia. I’m stoked. I’m going up right now. The weather is cooling down, but still warm. Rained all day yesterday... brought back fond memories of last winter.

I’m doing well but a little stressed out. I keep getting more and more responsibilities from random people. A lot of people rely on me and sometimes it's tough.

Mom don't worry though... I’m keeping a good attitude. :)

Love you guys.

Elder Aug

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