Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This Week Has Been Awesome

Hey Dot Buther and Dot DOD:

How are ya? How's Grandma Goomis? How's Cath? How are the kids? Schools startin’ up. Wow. Gunther's getting baptized in about a month, right? That's so cool. Send me pics. Fo sho. I hear Kev is almost home. Now it's just me and Peter who are out, right? Have you heard from Sky or Land? I got an email and a letter from Skyler. Jana thank you for the letter it rocked. I’m awaiting the package. :) Bill Barnes - thanks for the email.

This week has been awesome. I’ve worked Elder C and we've had awesome success. A few miracles that happened:
-We finally taught L’s husband. It was a quick 10 minute lesson. It was a miracle we found him. It was perfect timing. He himself is not interested, but we got his permission to baptize L. He said he was cool with it, so she will be baptized in 2 weeks
-On Elder C's first day we contacted this way sweet lady, M. She was pretty interested. We went back and taught her a few days ago. She's living in very humble circumstances. Her husband was taken by La Migra to jail. She is a single mom - two younger boys (8 and 9) and an older boy who is married. We committed them all to baptism in that lesson for the 11th of Sept. She gave a way solid commitment.
-We had a very spiritual lesson last night with V- another lead. He had been taught the gospel before in Mexico. He got on his knees and asked if José Smith was a prophet. The lesson was awesome. He also committed to be baptized on the 11th.

Elder C was so excited. He's really quiet. I’m having a lot of fun with him. He's a good kid. He's really enjoying the mission experience so far. Elder C is progressing very well. His teaching is great - in the few lessons we've had in English. He has such a great spirit and a strong testimony. He really cares and has a sincere heart. Elder C is willing to sacrifice and take advice. He really is the best missionary. Thanks again to President for this opportunity. Elder C is a little concerned about teaching in Spanish. He's not frustrated... he just is a little bummed that he can't quite teach the same that he could if he were teaching in English. I told him that it takes time. He's patient.

So moving took literally all P-Day last week. Ugh. We're STILL not unpacked. We’re getting that done today. The new place is nice. I like it. There's a business center here so I don't have to worry about the stupid library when I email. I also don’t have to worry about the stupid laundro-mat. Washer and dryer! Boo yah. So yeah, things are good.

No one has been at church for us so far this transfer. Lame. Why is that so hard? haha. Seriously, I don't get it. Well, actually I do... they're just not used to going to church every Sunday. What can you do?

Um.... I think that's it. Tell Bentley, Siosia, and Kev to write me.

Love ya all!
E Sto

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