Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We Are Still Moving!

August 9, 2010

Hey mom and dad. I’m sending a short email today – we are still moving. Thanks for the emails and updates on the happenings in SLC and around the world. We’re in the middle of moving and if I don't take the opportunity to email now I won't get another. Everything sounds decent back home. A lot of changes. The boys are growing up. Bummer... send more pics.

Well things are the same here in SC... Still hot. I hear it'll cool down in about 4 weeks. The new ZL comp is awesome. He was already in the zone so he just came from down the street. haha. His name is Elder P and he’s from California. He's way awesome and a great leader. He's also hilarious. His mom is from England so he can do this way sweet accent. He reminds me of Max.... just without the bigger build... and head.

My new proselyting comp.... is brand new. I may have mentioned this last week - I’m training a new missionary. President called and broke the news that Elder B was leaving but that I was getting a new missionary. He told me to work him hard and to make him a great missionary. He basically told me to baptize with him too... haha the pressure is on.

His name is Elder C. He's from Seattle. He's a good kid. He's a little timid with Spanish.... but he's doing great. He's talking with people and helping teach. It's cool. I’ve been looking back to a lot of the things Elder J did - he was such a good trainer. I’m surprised I was his only son. So I look back to Goose Creek to help me out. I’m having a good time. Training is a little hard, especially with all of the other stuff I have to do. Elder D is still here. So that’s great.

It's all good though. We're working with some great people. F is still way awesome. We have 2 people on baptismal date for the 28th. L and S.... who both have the same problem: their husbands... It's hard to teach the husbands because they're not home. They’re working. and then they come home and say.... "debe aprender mas..." So they're progressing but... it's taking some time.

Well I need to let Elder P email his fam.

Love ya! Love to Grandma!

Elder Stoneman

More next week…

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