Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keepin' Hydrated!

Hey Mom and Dad!

Thanks for the emails this morning. It was nice to open up a bunch of mail. I hope all is well in SLC. The weather sounds nice.... it's hot here. haha Actually, I think I’m getting used to it. I have done really well about keeping hydrated. Oh! The AC is fixed. It's been working like a champ for a week!

So it's been one of the best weeks of the mission. Elder A and I had some great success. We met most of the mission standards and goals that we had set to stretch ourselves. We finished the transfer strong. The only disappointing thing was that J backed out of baptism. She told us on Wednesday - it was one of those heart-CRUSHING moments. I was so upset. I felt we handled it well though. We went over Thursday and it turned out she was worried that her husband would leave her. We had a very spiritual lesson. Then we worked things out so that we could talk to the husband ourselves. We had another spiritual lesson with him. We read and talked about the tree of life and compared it to J and baptism. He was way cool and decided she could be baptized. She's now praying for another date.

Transfers. We got transfer calls. Usually we just get them from the zone leaders on Saturday night. Well I received a call from President Saturday morning with a little "early news." I will be transferred out of Windsor Lake next week. The rest of my district is staying. I have loved the Windsor Lake Ward, but it’s all good - I’m needed elsewhere.

Top quotes of the week:

1. We taught this guy, Mr. R, and he offered the closing prayer... and among the MANY things he prayed for: "Heavenly Father, please bless my kittens... You know who they are..." and then he just chuckled to himself.

2. In talking to a contact – me: “We're looking for people who are pure in heart and desire to learn more about Christ.” The guy we were contacting: “Well I’m pure in heart.... but I watch a lot of TV...” And he just left it at that...

Thanks for everything, everyone. I hope you all had a great week and have an even better one this week. I love you all so much. Take care!

Elder Stoneman

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