Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Elder Stoneman, Fire Marshall

June 14, 2010

Hey Utah...

I hope you're enjoying the lovely Utah weather... SC is intense! It really is so hot. Seriously it hits higher levels every week! We’re hanging around 100-103 degrees and the humidity is like 90 %.... ouch. It’s been a decent week. A little slower, but overall... good! A lot of exciting stuff!!

So I ordered a new nametag.... Elder de la Piedra. I got it because the folks I teach CANNOT say my name. "Hola, yo me llamo Elder Stoneman." "Anderson?" No...Stoneman" ... I ordered it and then totally forgot about it... and then it came in the mail. I was very excited.

Elder Stoneman, Fire Marshall. We had another exciting experience in the trailer park. We visited a lead who invited us in and as we were walking up to the house, she went inside first and then yelled, "Ayudeme!" (“Help me!!”) and then booked it outside. We could see that the stove in her kitchen was on fire! A neighbor ran up with a hose. Bad idea. He sprayed it and it just got bigger. Luckily it finally died out. We hung around to see if she needed any more help.

Transfer calls will be on Saturday. Wow, this transfer has gone by so fast. Crazy! Despite all of my complaints about the heat, I really am enjoying South Carolina. And I love missionary work.

Thanks for everything. You all sound great back at home. I was sorry to hear about Graham being sick. Max and Brooke... hahahaha Max WOULD be rooming with a 10 year old named Fabio. Sam and Colin: I loved the letter. I owe you. Melissa - soccer mom. Ben - attorney at law AND on the field. haha Send me pics of the boys playing ball.

I love you all so much,

Elder de la Piedra

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