Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Goobily Goo, It's Hot!

It has been a packed week. Less sleep. More work. Still talkin’ to crazies. “Good goobily goo, it's hot!” ...someone said that to us the other day... and with a straight face. Ha-ha... and I’m lovin every minute!!

Here is a little fill in of the week:

-I showed up to transfers a little anxious. Obviously. Before the meeting started President came up and found me and pulled me aside into a classroom. He ended up telling me where I’m going and who my comp(s) would be. I’m back to Charleston. My proselyting comp is Elder B. He’s been out 2 transfers. My ZL comp is Elder H. It is his last transfer. His comp is Elder D. We all live together near the same old Crowfield Ward building. After filling me in President asked me a favor. He had been called by the stake in Charleston to do a training at the stake's mini MTC for the priests. He couldn't make it so he said he'd send his zone leaders in his place.

-Friday morning Elder H and I drove to Moncks Corner and taught 24 priests how to teach the first lesson. It was cool. You know... to pretend like I know what I’m actually talking about. It was a neat experience. Then they fed us some amazing food.

It has been a crazy week. A lot has been happening. The nightly phone calls are rough. There are a lot of calls to make. The area is great. HUGE. Elder B and Elder U had been working with some great people. There is a great potential for baptisms this transfer. Elder B is a great guy. Normal. Which is good. So is Elder H. Elder D is the man. His family is from Fiji. It is going to be such a good transfer.

Church yesterday was way sweet. It was weird to be back in the same building - just a different ward. We had gone a little early so Crowfield was still meeting. I got so many weird looks and double takes. I saw P and F. That had to have been the best part. The other Spanish elders had told them I was back. They were so excited. They brought pictures for me from K’s kindergarten graduation. Hahaha. They had each written me earlier that week. I’m not even kidding it was the most amazing heart felt convert letter someone can get. F and P are still working towards the temple. F gets teased at work. But he holds strong. It was so good to see them.

I heard from Sky. He shot me quick email. He’s training. He wrote a lot in Spanish. Its weird. hahaha I can't wait to just kick it with him and Pete ... speakin’ Spanish!! :)

Mom - I’m doing well. To answer some of your questions... I’m staying hydrated. It's hot, “good goobily goo”!!! The AC works at the apartment... but possible bed bugs. For the 4th of July... I will be on lock down. haha Just like on New Years and on Halloween. I’m eating well. We live the law of consecration at the apartment. So we all buy together. It's cheaper and there's more food.

Thanks for the emails from the fam. I loved hearing about it all. Sounds like things are the same... except my kids are growing!!! I loved the baseball pics.

That's it for today. I need to go finish the Book of Mormon before zone conference. Almost done. I’m closing in on Ether.

I love you all so much.

Elder Augustus Stoneman

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