Monday, September 19, 2011

Hey Y'all !!

Hey this will be a shorter email today. I need to send the Assistants pictures from my mission for the departing slide show.

It’s been a rough week. I’m definitely glad it wasn't my last week. This week is... and I am going to make it the absolute best.

We had 8 people committed to come to church. All of which bailed on us Sunday morning. No one came. We are needing to drop more investigators. There are a few who are really cool and interested that we will hang on to.

I think my favorite day last week was Friday. It was so legit. Elder O. and I went for a run. Elder A. and I did weekly planning. It was a really good planning session. He is really a good missionary with a lot of great ideas. We then got a call from a recent convert who was baptized the week before we got here telling us that he is moving. We have worked with this guy a lot. He went out with us to proselyte. We helped him prepare to bless the sacrament. We also helped him write a talk for church. They have fed us a lot! We went over and had pizza and just talked about the gospel. We pumped him up to endure to the end. To keep living the gospel wherever he lives. He thanked us and then we said goodbye. The rest of the day was just awesome. This Saturday there is a HUGE activity for the branch. It’s a Hispanic culture celebration. We are inviting everyone!! We put up flyers and such. We also visited some investigators and had great lessons with them. It was a good day.

I have been studying a lot about the Savior this transfer. It has been a great study. I’m reading the New Testament. I memorized the living Christ. I’m excited to read Grandpa's book.

This morning I took the time to write down what I understood of the Savior and His role in God's plan for us. It was such a good experience to write down what I know... to write down my testimony. I have a testimony of God's plan and of His work. I have absolutely loved taking part in it.

Elder Stoneman

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