Monday, September 12, 2011

A Baby Named Steve

Hey Family!! How goes it?

Hey mom thank you for the email. Thanks for the money. I really don’t need that much. I may be sending a package or two home with some more souvs.

Thanks for inviting people to come and visit. I think it will be fun. I can’t wait to see Sky.

Alright enough trunky talk.

Things are pretty good here in Greenville. It’s been kind of a harder week. That’s okay though. We’ve learned a lot from it. We drove out to Easley to do some English work out there. We spent all day trying to visit part member families, but no one was home. It was pretty trying. We kept good attitudes though.

Our investigators are not keeping their commitments. We have a huge teaching pool, but no one is coming to church. We did have J come. The part member that plays in a Mexican band. Hahaha it's called Techno Caliente. Hahaha. He got in at 3 am Sunday morning from a gig and STILL came to church. He has a good desire to be with the family at church. He needs to get married before he can get baptized. That seems to be everyone’s concern at the moment.

I heard from Elder Douglas - they went to visit L. L is doing so awesome. He has to work down in Charleston a lot. But he takes his gospel principles book to study in the hotel. He is a ward missionary and doing missionary work. His wife had the baby. They didn't end up naming him Steve. hahahaha L told me in June that they were thinking Steve. hahaha I don't know why, but I thought that was hilarious. It just doesn't fit. but anyway he is doing very well. He attends church regularly and goes out with the Spanish elders a little bit too. It's awesome.

The mission tour with Elder Peiper was pretty cool. He has a powerful testimony. We all got to shake his hand and then when he started speaking, he had us ask him any question pertaining to missionary work. how to do things more effective, what if this, what if that?... etc. he then talked about the doctrine of finding answers to our questions. he spoke on that for about half hour. it was neat. He then went through each question and discussed them with us. He gave a lot of good tips and advice. The spirit was strong in the meeting and helped answer many of the questions as well. Personal revelation.

President and I give him a blessing gave a blessing to an elder. President Holm is such a great guy. Along with President McConkie, he has been a huge help and influence in my life.

Elder A is doing well. He is really mature which helps the most in becoming a great missionary. He understands the work and the importance of it, and he is also very teachable.

M didn't come to church. It's been pretty tough to get him there. Something that has struck Elder A and me is that we should drop our investigators who are not progressing. We need to be spending our time and the Lord’s time more carefully. There are people prepared. We have already been finding some great new people.

Well I love you guys!!

Elder Stoneman

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