Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hey Y'all

Hey ya'll. Here is a summary of the week:

So M didn't turn out to be what we'd hoped. We went over and had another good lesson with him. We worked out everything with his ride to church too. We had everything worked out and then ever since he has been avoiding us. He’s doing a good job too!! So we will see what happens.

I met a woman last night who is in the English ward where we serve. Her husband and son weren't home so we spoke to her just on the front porch for a while. After a short visit, she asked where I was from. I told her Salt Lake City. She got all excited and said "Oh we used to live there!" I asked her what part and she said very casually - the avenues! My jaw dropped and I was like, "No way!!"

She lived there from about 1990 to 1993 and then she proceeded to list off a bunch a people she used to know. The Barnes. The Burtons. The Shrums, that attorney who wears a bowtie and rides his unicycle to work. hahahahaha I was dying. It was nuts.We are going back to visit later this week.

So that was pretty cool.

We are doing good work. We are finding more people. I have a feeling that Elder Aguilar's next comp will be an English elder. So I am beginning to push more towards English work and working in the ward. We have some cool English investigators.

I love the branch. We have gotten to know the members really well and established some great relationships. I’m loving it. Yes - just like McDonalds. haha. Seriously I would kill to have like 6 more months here to really get some stuff done. Mom, don’t worry I won’t do that...you can take a deep breath - the plane ticket is already purchased.

This week is zone conference and a mission tour with a GA, Elder Peiper. That will be on Friday - I’m pretty stoked.

Have a great week!!

Elder Stoneman

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