Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowed In

Hey mom.... I only have a quick minute today. Sorry. I’ll explain and write updates in a quick paragraph below.

It snowed - so all of the libraries are closed. It snowed a ton. haha Pretty crazy. Our cars are on lock down. So we will be walking for tonight and maybe tomorrow and the next day. The Brazilians are out of here now. They got their visas on Friday and they left this morning. I’m finally now proselyting with my zone leader comp - Elder P. He is a great guy. We get along well. And now our apartment isn't cramped. Also we had nine people at church yesterday.... a lot of great miracles and things are happening in the area. We have a lot of work ahead. Everything is looking pretty good. Transfer calls are on Saturday. I hope I get to stay here with Elder P. We went to the base yesterday ( it was closed over Christmas break - they call it 'Exodus'). I taught a Hispanic woman soldier. I have this sweet mini military quad.... I love teaching at the base.... all the soldiers come in their gear. It is way sweet.

Well, that’s about all.
Love you guys... more next week!

Elder Stoneman

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