Monday, January 24, 2011

Here We Go

Hey Mom and Dad.

This week has been nuts. On Monday and Tuesday I made the rounds saying goodbye to the area and the ward.... by the way the ward was furious that Elder P and I were getting transferred. I guess not much had happened until we got there and started getting some good work done. The Ward Mission Leader is so cool. He was really upset to see us go. I think he actually called Pres. McConkie. It’s all good though. We did get some great things going for the area and have now left it to some new missionaries.

Wednesday morning we loaded up the car and headed to the transfer meeting. Elders P and P are now together still as the zone leaders in Columbia. They work on the military base too.

I was called to be an assistant and am serving with Elder T. If you remember he was my first district leader back in Goose Creek. Anyway so I sat down next to him as President finished the meeting and he leaned over and said, "Get ready for your life to light on fire..." and then he handed me a bunch of papers warning me, "You are about to be bombarded with a ton of questions. Here’s what’s going on down the road and here's what going on today." Intense. In my mind I was just thinking - "Here we go - it's gonna be a crazy ride!”

Then we spent the rest of the day with the departing missionaries. We went to the temple and had a departing devotional. It was pretty spiritual. We had a good time. It was a great group of missionaries.

Ever since then I have been in the office working on projects with President. One of them is that he wants me to translate into Spanish all of the little "tools" that we give missionaries, so that now we will have that information for the Spanish elders as well.

In the evenings we will still proselyte unless we need to take care of some task or whatever... which will actually end up happening more often than not.

I’m really enjoying it... but I feel a little overwhelmed... still learning what I’m supposed to do... I’m still figuring out the calling. But I’m enjoying it and am ready to learn.

President McConkie is a great man. He has many plans for the next few months. It will truly be a blessing to work with him so closely. Although he jokes saying that I shouldn't be allowed to watch general conference anymore in case I’ll see mom. Ha-ha

I’m still teaching my Spanish investigators in Columbia. Keep L in your prayers. He’s so cool. Also I get to work on base a lot more now. The base is wonderful. Keep Sister G, Brother V, and Brother W in your prayers for tomorrow - hopefully they will all be baptized.

Love you all,

Elder Stoneman

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