Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Like Playing Tetris

What a week! I cannot believe how quickly the time goes here in my new area. I get less sleep but the days go by faster.

Well, let’s begin:

I taught the investigator class at the Fort Jackson military post... pretty intense - especially when President showed up and sat in on it. The investigator class is held right after sacrament meeting in the chapel on the front few rows. I taught about 10 nonmembers and 10 additional members the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was really nervous but it ended up being alright. The cool/intimidating part of that class is that towards the end of it you commit everyone in attendance to be baptized. "Those of you who are willing to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God.... will you please raise your hands." And you wait for the response. A very humble soldier showed his courage and raised his hand last Sunday when no else did.... brother B. He will be baptized tomorrow. Keep him in your prayers.

A little about the base... it is a very quick teaching process. Soldiers are baptized 2-3 weeks of being taught. We only teach on Sundays. But we send them mail throughout the week. They are already living the commandments. The font is a portable one that Elder T and I carry around with us... it is a horse water trough. We work with a senior couple on base as well. The base is cool. I also continue to work with Elders P and P ... they are the zone leaders here.

I went on a few exchanges last week and finally got to see the upstate. It looks about the same. ha-ha But I had a good time. We performed a lot of baptismal interviews as well this week. We have some really great missionaries in the mission. We got to do some good proselyting and teaching on Tues and Wed. It’s pretty cool knowing who they all are and where they are serving... because before it was always a big secret.

We have a huge meeting coming up this Thurs and Fri - a general authority is coming. President asked Elder T and me to plan for a few parts of it. It’s a lot of time in the office, but we do make it out to go proselyte almost every evening. We planned a few trainings. We also had to plan how to get all the zone and district leaders from their areas to Columbia for the meeting next week, using limited miles/cars and figuring out where they would be spending the night on Thursday. That was fun. I talked on the phone with one of the old assistants and he said - "Oh I loved doing that... it's like playing Tetris." ha-ha... Not to mention there will be 10 total of us in our 1 bed 1 bath apartment. Ha-ha Wish me luck

There is another baptism coming up tomorrow. Elder T and I work the Columbia area but also the Windsor Lake area. So I get BOTH of the best ward mission leaders ever - Bro B and Brother E. Anyway Windsor Lake sisters will be baptizing someone tomorrow that we've been working with as well. Good spirited brother with a good heart.

All is well here. I'm finally getting in the groove of things... but there is still room for improvement. Thanks for all the love, support and advice I get from ya'll. I sure appreciate it.

Love ya.

The work is true.

Elder Stoneman

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