Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Already Week Six of the Transfer!

Crazy week. Week 5 of the transfer. Pretty cool. We are now in week 6.... So transfer calls are coming up on Saturday. We have interviews tomorrow. I had to type up a report on each missionary so it killed my time today. Not too much time to write. I will apologize in advance.

Auntie Cath thank you so much for the hump day note and cash. Very thoughtful. Love you so much. It will be spent "madly" :)

So I’ve been all over the place this week. I interviewed this sweet guy for baptism in the downtown Charleston library. It was cool. That was a really good day. We did talk to everyone... because we were literally teaching all day. It was cool. Downtown rocks. I’m going down there today.

R and A are ready to be baptized. We've been over there a few times this week with a few members. They are the coolest couple and absolutely ready for baptism. They were interviewed the other day and all looks well for this weekend. R gave the prayer last night said something along the lines of "Thank you for having the elders come over and bring members. Thank you for the opportunity to be baptized. Please help us prepare." Very sincere. It will be a great service this Saturday. Pics next week.

Elder C’s 8 year old nephew wrote him a note that made me think of the kids. With poor spelling and uncontrolled handwriting it read:

"Dear Elder C.
I hope you are enjoying your mission.
I’m in school and it's not off to a good start.
Signed C"

haha Kids are great.

Well, that’s it. Love you guys.

E Sto

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