Monday, April 26, 2010

News from Goose Creek

Hey Mom and Dad.

Thanks for all of the news!

The heat and humidity are nuts. It rained yesterday during church and then stopped. When we walked outside, I felt like I was suffocating. ... I don't know whether to breathe it or drink it!

Max, thanks for the email, brotha! It was way good hearing from you. The stories and advice rocked. Thanks... good luck with everything.

It has been an awesome week. It continues to be a bit slow during the day...other than that, we are working with awesome people. We had a baptism last Saturday and two more scheduled for this weekend. We are working with a few others that will most likely be ready for next transfer.

Early Saturday morning we drove to Columbia to hear Elder Neil L. Anderson address the mission. It was awesome. We received some great training from the brethren and afterwards returned on our merry way.

We returned to Goose “CRIK” about 3 pm and went back to work getting everything together for the baptism. Stressful!! Luckily... the other ward that we were working with was on top of the ball. The Hispanic members rock! Great fellowshipping. Finally everyone was there and ready and the service began. Amazing service. The talks were outstanding. Great turnout. The program was way nice too. D is the man. He had gotten a haircut. and was all ready. Earlier in the week there were some issues, but it was obvious that he really does understand and didn't go into this blindly... it has been so cool working with him. It was a sweet experience... he thanked us for working with him and teaching him because no one had ever taken the time before... he thanked us for changing his life.

It was an exhausting day.. but looking back, it was all worth it.

So we have two more baptisms this week. P and M... it will be the same service and it's gonna be a good one. They both showed up to church and are excited for baptism. This week is going to be crazy though. Keep P and M in your prayers.

Well that's all for today...
Love ya!


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