Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey Familia

Hey familia!

Como estan? Que tal? Super bien? Que bueno. Pues voy a escribir un poco en espanol por que no he escrito NADA (de la idioma celestial) desde el CCM. La mision es bien chido. Me encanta la obra misional. Es cierto que es bien duro pero los sacrifios son para mi propio benficio.Ttambien es muy divertido - a platicar con tantas personas y compartir el evangelio restaurado. Nuestros investigadores y conversos son AWESOME - some Spanglish there - ... y es todo. Les amo mucho.

Well it has been a busy busy week. Elder D and I haven't had the greatest success - in fact we've been gettin kicked out of trailer parks right and left... WE'RE NOT SOLICTORS! Unbelievable. But yeah... it's been pretty slow. Also... it's hot. Seriously... it's not even summer yet... the daytime is rough.

Speaking of the heat... Sam... with some of your money I bought a backpack... not just any backpack... it has a bladder! It's the Wal-Mart version of a camelback. It's way awesome. Keeps me hydrated. Thanks!

Well, beyond our rough/slow week, we have had some great progress with our solid three. D had his baptismal interview with one of the missionary presidency... they came out and President Evans (who is such a great man... spiritual giant) said he was ready for baptism. All is looking well for this Saturday for D's baptism.

P and M are going to have a joint baptismal service on May 1st. Everything is looking great for them. Elder Urry spoke with P... and because Elder Urry is the man, got her to feel comfortable about baptism and put her on date for the 1st. M is ready. She even told us that she is ready and prepared without us asking. They are both awesome - we've got some awesome baptisms comin up.

Love ya‘all,
Elder Stoneman

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