Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coat Season - FINISHED!

Hey Mom and Dad. Conference was awesome! Mom... there were no close ups... I’m disappointed. I’m totally writing the First Presidency... haha except that is against the rules... (in fact I just read that in the white handbook this morning). I loved it though. We watched conference in the Crowfield building on the big screen. Can I just say that the
First Presidency is the best... they know their stuff. All amazing testimonies and talks. I loved it. The music was great too. Thanks for singing your heart out, Mom! I could hear ya! :)

Oh also... coat season... FINISHED. Money.

So transfers have come and gone. President announced my name once more with the calling of senior comp. And he then assigned me to Elder D. He's awesome. He's a bigger guy and pretty funny. He's been out about as long as my friend, Skyler. In fact they were in the same zone at the MTC! His Spanish and accent are very good, so it's a positive sign for me that I will keep coming along with my own Spanish.

There were two new Spanish elders that came down to the Charleston area to split the stake with us. Elder U is training Elder B. Elder U is also my new zone leader. I’m pumped. He's way cool. He served with Elder J for about 7 months and they were zone leaders together. Also... when Elder F and I arrived from the MTC, that’s when Elder J and Elder U split up... so that they could train Elder F and me!

So we've got four solid investigators. Elder D and I fasted and have come to the conclusion of four baptisms this transfer. We already have our solid four. Keep these people in your prayers. Here's a little about each of them:

-P... we've been working with her for a while. She and F are doing great. they came to conference. Mom. I had given F a choir CD sampler and I said that it was from you and that you wanted him to have it. So, he remembers EVERYTHING. He sat down at conference and the choir started singing. He leaned over to me and said, "Tu Mama esta en el coro?"

-M... the mother of F and H. She can't get over how much she loved attending church. The family feeling she felt from within the church was so powerful. We gave her a BoM and she's been reading. ACTUALLY studying! Gotta love it. She offered a kneeling prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help her keep her excitement about baptism.

-D - he's awesome. His brother is a convert. He's struggling a little with WoW... but on his own he's been attending an addictive recovery class with the T family from the ward.

-M. We found him last night. and in the first lesson we committed him to baptism. He strongly accepted.

The work is great. I am doing great as well. I am edified and refreshed from conference. AND MY SUIT COAT IS OFF! Life is good. Thanks for the prayers, mail, and love.

Love ya,
Elder Piedra

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