Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Converts Rock!

Hey Mom and Dad. It was great to hear from you. Sounds like all is well. Tell Grandma Goomis thanks for the great letter. Mol, thanks for the email too. Although reading through I think I may have missed a few things... Colin is playing baseball and Sam is the coach? Awesome! I don't think I knew that. Max is going to Japan? haha I made that one up... I could see it though...

All is well here. It is pretty warm. It's not too bad.... but working out in the weather for hours on end makes it a little rough. It was way hot last week. It warmed up to 91... plus some humidity

Elder D is pretty cool. Way funny kid. His Spanish rocks. His dad went to Guatemala on his mission and then they’ve adopted a little Guatemalan girl into their family. The area is way awesome. I have a feeling that this is my last transfer here. So I’m kinda bummed. But some great stuff is going to happen in these next few weeks.

So it's been a crazy week. Our four solids have started to melt. Well not really... but this week their concerns/doubts have surfaced.

We had 5 investigators at church yesterday. It was way awesome. Because the stake is spread out, we were all over the place. The boundaries are so weird. I went to THREE different wards yesterday. Ouch.

So I had a great opportunity last week. Before the mish we had bought me a Spanish set of scriptures. At the MTC they also gave me a set. F asked me a few weeks ago about a bible... "con tabs" He wanted the nice kind like I have. It totally didn't occur to me... but then I came upon the extra set one day and it hit me. So I wrote my testimony in the triple and a note to him and Paz in the bible and gave it to them. They were so excited. He brought them to church yesterday.

So we had a lesson over at F and H’s house the other day. We were teaching M. The boys were out playing and didn't know that we had come. They came right at the end of the lesson and were talking about how they had just shared with their friend about church and then they said, "Did we miss anything?" - realizing that they had missed the lesson. They were disappointed. So we filled them in and then I asked F to pray. His prayer was great. A couple of things that he said,

"...the reason I’m praying is just so that we can at least know when they (the Elders) come over... so we don't miss anything."
"...also... bless our little friend, so that he can know about church."

I had given them a picture from the baptism and F was like, "Wow... that's really nice... Mom! Where are we gonna put it?"

They are awesome.

Well that's about it. We're going to the aquarium with the Pritchards today. They actually leave for home in a few weeks and they've been dying to take me there. So the whole gang is going. Gotta love it.

Love ya all
Elder Stoneman

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