Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm Full

Dear Fam:

Things are awesome here. We are working with 3 way cool people. We've had to push back their baptismal date... but we are working and hoping for February 13th. The way things look though... it's pretty for sure. So basically... EXCITING! I’m pumped. Rigo, Fransisco, Andoni are all way into it and have such a strong desire. They are ready. And yes I spelt that right - Andoni. But yeah... they are all looking good. They all have wives and the wives are interested too, they just aren't progressing as fast... but we are indeed teaching families. So fun. The days and weeks go by pretty fast.

Story of the week. So earlier this week we had a dinner at a member’s home. Actually the family feeds all four of us weekly... it's the kind of thing that we look forward to every week just because something crazy always happens. "They can't possibly top last week..." ... and they do. EVERY WEEK. Remind me to tell you the stories someday. ANYWAY... last week after eating at their house, Elder Johnson and I were just absolutely stuffed. We were so full. We then go straight to a lesson at the Tello family's home and... she had dinner ready for us! AH!!! She insisted that we eat... and boy did we. I was so impressed - Elder Johnson did awesome. He just pounded it down. So after finishing and feeling a bit sick, we sit down to our lesson during which, another woman in the house begins to make us a treat for before we leave. AH!!! We get served each a huge mug of hot chocolate and some Mexican snacks. It was the kind of thing where I could not drink even the hot chocolate. Rough. We finally finish and leave, waddling out and off to our next cita. The Hernandez family. Well, we walk in and one of the first things the mom says is "Would you like some hot chocolate?" True. Elder Johnson: “NO! ... uh we're fine, thanks.” Seriously I was still full the next morning.

Moving on – to answer a few questions:

The weather is weird. It’s just all over the place and it all happens quickly . Warm, warm, warm, cool, cool, rain, warmish, rain, freezing, sun, warmer, cold, warm, hot, cold, rain, wind, cold. But I’m pretty used to it and expect anything. I dress warm. I’ve got my rain jacket in the car just in case. and I am staying healthy. I have yet to catch anything.

We've been packed with member dinners this month. So Elder Johnson and I don't cook as much as we did, although we're branching out in our breakfasts so that's fun. Then we take what's called "Spanish lunch" before we go out for the day to proselyte - so we cook then too.

Our schedule: we rise at 6:30, pray, exercise for 30 minutes, eat, shower, and get ready until 7:45. We then have personal prayer for 15 minutes and then personal study starts at 8:00, comp study at 9:00, language study at 10:00, and then at 11:00 Spanish lunch (because only the Spanish elders do it). Then we leave the apartment at 11:30 and are out until 9:00 pm with dinner thrown in there. At 9:00 we plan our next day and then go to bed at 10:30.

We see President McConkie about every other week. Love the guy. Que hombre.

So yeah, things are great here. I’m loving it. My testimony has grown so much. I have such a strong desire to serve and learn more and share more everyday. I have learned so much. This area rocks.

Love you.

Elder Stoneman

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