Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'll Take 78 Any Day!

Hey Mom and Dad!

Sorry no email yesterday. On holidays we take p-day the next day. It's been a good week. I hope it was for you two as well. Mom, I got your email. I didn't get to read the whole thing but I’m printing it off to read later. I did see that you had asked about Elder Johnson. He's from Valencia, California. His first name is Cory. He's very smart in the missionary sense - he knows his scriptures, lessons, how to teach, and Spanish. He goes home at the end of this transfer... so like 4 weeks. I will definitely miss his help. We get along just fine.

I hope you two are doing fine as well as the rest of the fam. Thanks for the emails everyone! I will read them later.

It's been a good week. Elder Johnson and I had more dinner appointments with members this week than we did the whole last transfer. Finally, the Spanish elders exist in the Crowfield Ward - gotta love a delicious home-cooked meal! holla.

It's been way nice weather. It rained like crazy one day... but other than that... sunshine! And yesterday it got up to 78. The weather is weird, I know, but I’ll take 78 any day!

Our investigators are great. No updates really - just more of the same. They are progressing and the two guys that came to church really like it. Randy (the little kid) calls Elder Johnson and I “the muchacho's”. When we knocked on the Hernandez door, he answered saying "Otra vez pasaron los muchachos.” Then he held out his fist saying "Chocala!" meaning ‘Pound it!’ Seriously, we have some solid investigators. Elder Johnson and I have had some great lessons and the spirit is so strong. We have a few on date for baptism at the end of this month. I was way bummed - we had to drop Saul. He wasn't progressing and just wanted to learn about the Bible. But once again - "we'll be back..." We're always back.

Today 8 missionaries and Eddy Cabreras and his buddy are going to have a fiesta. This includes some outdoor soccer. I’m pumped. Elder Johnson and I are really trying to fit into the Spanish culture, so we bought various Mexican soccer team themed wallets. Heck yeah! Oh also... we’re holding English classes once a week too.

Alright, well I’m about out of time, but I hope to hear from you soon in response to my awesome pics. People who are not of the family... sorry I haven't written... I’m getting to it, I promise.

Love ya all,

Elder Stoneman

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