Thursday, January 7, 2010

Scrubs and Pigs

Monday January 4, 2010

Hey all. Thank you so much for all of the Christmas/New Years lovin’. All I can say is... yup you guessed it... holla... (I figured it was appropriate from a missionary). Thank you for the packages and letters and emails. Thanks to all... here's who I can remember and give a special shout out to... Derick, Mel, Nora, Sky, Land, Mom and Dad, Ben and Me, Max, Sam, Mol, and the Goomis’es.

Things are great over here in GOOSE CREEK. Transfers were this week... Elder Johnson and I are staying together. Whew... made it through my first transfer! Seriously though I am doing well. The holidays were a lot of fun. New Years Eve we got put on "lock down" (which applies to the following holidays... New Years, 4th of July, and Halloween) meaning we go in at 6:00 pm. The other elders in our district slept over at our place and we played games... of course making sure we went to bed at 10:30... :) I think that was the first time in years that I haven't stayed up until midnight. Pretty awesome. But yeah things are great.

As for pictures... I’ll try and get them done at Wal-Mart either today or next Monday and I’ll send them.

So I gave my first talk on Sunday. Bishop Ferris cornered me. So yeah, it went well. It was the first time I didn't write out a talk word for word. I was able to just speak with notes in hand. so I felt good about it.

Quick side note: I’ve been thinking... if you all want to become more Southern.... buy scrubs... yes like what the doctors wear. They're huge down here. Sometimes literally. :) In Goose Creek alone, I’ve seen 3 scrubs OUTLETS. "Scrubs Outlet" Scrubs" and my personal favorite -"Fashion Scrubs" ... look into it.

Last Monday we went to Charleston. It was awesome. I got some good pics. We first went to Patriot Point where we toured an aircraft carrier and submarine. Then we went to what's the battery... downtown Charleston. Way cool. The architecture was sweet. We saw Fort Sumter from afar... where the first shot was fired. We drove past the slave market... We also drove past the home of the owner of Piggly Wiggly. Has anyone heard of Piggly Wiggly? It's like Smith's down here. And there are t-shirts and billboards all over saying "I’m big on the pig" haha Anyway we are driving by all of these homes and they have statues of various animals. Piggly Wiggly... no lie.. Pigs... in the entrance way. haha. So awesome. Get excited for those pics... I know I am.

Update on our investigators... we ended up dropping Lucio... Saul is doing very well... he is worried about making the commitment though. We had to change his date. Please keep him in your prayers. We found a family... finally... actually two... they're both way cool. Pray we don’t lose them. Our last pretty strong investigator is named Francisco. He even attended church on Sunday!

Well I love you all. Thanks again for all the love. It was way cool to talk to everyone on Christmas. I hope you all are doing well.


Elder A. Stoneman

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