Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Elder Johnson and I are Holiday Set!

From Elder A. Stoneman

Hey so they allowed us to send a quick email out today concerning Christmas. I didn't have time to read everyone's emails but it looks like you will all be at Sam's around the time I will be calling... holla. We are going to be eating Christmas dinner at the military base like Thanksgiving with the Prichard’s'... hmmm that'd make a good title to a hip new Christmas song... haha We'll be eating around 1:30 at the base our time and I will be calling shortly after that... maybe 2:30 or 3... So that'll be around 1 ish your time. 30 to 40 minute phone call... lame. But it'll have to do. I’ll call Sam’s landline... so I can talk to my peeps. holla!!!!

Mom I got your package. Thank you! Thank you for the sweaters. The black fits perfect... I love it. Thank you for everything.

Elder Johnson’s mom sent him money to buy a Christmas tree. So we bought lights and a 4 foot fake tree... all we need is the smell... And I bought a cheap stocking and we hung up our stockings on either side of the thermostat... it's kinda like a fireplace... so we're in pretty good shape. We've put our presents under the tree. Oh! Jana! I got your package too! Thank you so much! Loved it. I put your presents under the tree and the treats in my stocking. :) A birthday/Christmas letter is on its way. So yeah. Elder Johnson and I are all holiday set. It’s going to be a good one!

Love you all! Thanks for everything - talk to you on Christmas!


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