Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 14, 2009

Goose Creek, South Carolina.

Walking through the streets with forest on each side is pretty sweet. Especially when it has just rained and the frogs are out. It seriously feels like the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Thanks to everyone who wrote!! Mom and Dad I got your emails. Sam! You are the bomb. Thanks for the love. I got a few handwritten letters from Land, Mom, and from the 8th ward! Thank you 8th ward - loved it. The cards and Primary poster were so nice. Thank you. And of course Margo... thank you so much for your thoughts and letter. I’m very appreciative of it and your support. Thanks for the cash. I bought some pan-dulce with it. Mexican sweet bread. So good! Thank you.

We had our ward's Christmas party this past Friday. So awesome. It's funny how all wards are the same. Our Bishop dressed as Santa, sweating bullets. The baby Jesus was a creepy little doll with blonde hair and a bad haircut. and even the uptight party host... in the least excited and uptight, weary, frustrated voice you can imagine - "HEY! ATTENTION!! HEY! we are NOW moving on to the entertainment portion of the evening!" Awesome.

Well an update on our strongest investigators - Saul and Lucio. We have 8 investigators but these two are the strongest. They are both scheduled for baptism. Saul on the 2nd of Jan and Lucio on the 26th of December. They are both really great men. They are progressing and keeping their commitments and coming to church. Things are looking great at the moment. Every time we teach and every time they come to church... they seem to get more serious about it and have a stronger desire to do better and keep commitments in preparing for their baptism. (Unfortunately, Lucio’s wife isn’t quite as receptive thus far…)

We do a lot of biking. Our area is so huge that we drive the car to a certain spot and then bike the rest of the way to our various neighborhoods. The bike is absolutely great!! Thank you Auntie Cath. :)

Best church marquee of the week:

Tues night - gospel study
Wed night - birthday party for Jesus

Well I’m off to Wally world. Thank you for everything. I will hopefully work everything out for the call on Christmas.
Love you all!!

Elder A. Stoneman

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