Monday, February 22, 2010

You Missin' the Boat, Stone!

February 22, 2010

Well as you can tell I finally switched over to the NEW (in coordination with GOOGLE) and after spending half an hour to make it work... here I am... and I’ve got a new email. It’s way cool though. It’s set up just like gmail. So yeah. Don’t send anymore mail to ...send all the goods to - and by goods I mean... email. *I didn't want there to be any confusion*

It's been a crazy week. Elder J has gone home... he left me to figure out what I’m supposed to do in Goose Creek. Luckily I haven't burned down the place.... yet. And no that is not a threat. Hey! That rhymed... unintentionally.

So transfers were on Wednesday. We got a member to drive all four of us. so we crammed with her, her 17 year old son (who was actually baptized last weekend), the 4 elders, 2 bikes, and a whole lot of luggage. It was a tight fit. We finally made it there. and Elder J along with about 5 other missionaries sat up on the stand along with the greenies. We then had the meeting and they all had the chance to bear testimony. Then President started assigning new companionships. He called my name along with the assignment - senior comp, and has put me with Elder W. Cool guy. He's only been out one more transfer than me... so as I’m sure you can imagine, we're trying to do our best with understanding the hispanos rapidos. Pero, esta bien.

Now I’m needing to lead and make decisions with where to go and who to visit and all that. It's pretty cool, but I feel like I’m just on my own since my companion isn’t used to the area. Also I’m driving... which is weird. But it's all good - I’ve got rockin’ tunes to listen to ... namely MoTab and HIMNOS. Holla.

My new comp: Elder J Whittingham from Provo is the name... football is his game. You probably recognize the name... I sure didn't... haha... his uncle is the coach at the University of Utah. Elder W played in high school and is a really nice guy and a good missionary. His Spanish is decent. We try... tratamos... haha that's what we tell everyone.

The other day we got stopped by a guy that loved talking about the Lord. like a "clap yo hands, hallelujah" type thing. He talked to us for 20 minutes and didn't really have much interest in what we had to say, but rather what he wanted to say. It was way funny. He kept calling us different names in his unrelenting rambling. Elder W became Whitney and Whitley and Whitning. I was Stone. I asked him if he'd have any interest in learning about how God has called a prophet on the earth today. That's when he replied - "You missin' the boat, Stone!" in a "wazzup, DOC" kind of way. Hilarious.

Well I’m great here. I’ll have more time next week... seeing how I lost 30 minutes. But it's all good. I love you all. I’m going to try and attach some pics.

Love ya.

Elder Toby Stoneman
...wait a minute... my name's not Toby

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