Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tacos de Lengua

No... I’m not breaking the rules... P-day is indeed today! How are all y'all doin’? Thanks for the emails/letters this week. I heard from everyone. Sweet.

So it's been a way cool week. Last Monday evening, after enduring an awkward dinner appointment, we went to work. Elder J and I visited the V family who are actually heading back to Mexico. We had the opportunity to give the mom a blessing.

After that, we visited F and after talking with him for a while, both he and we realized that he was ready for his baptism. Throughout the week, we were able to visit him almost everyday, he came to our Wednesday night English classes, and he had his baptismal interview. Everything was awesome. (R T is ready for baptism as well, but not for this week.)

Thursday, we went on exchanges again. I got to do English work. So that was fun. We also taught a lot of their investigators - way cool people and a lot of families. Everyone here is so nice. And I realized teaching the gospel in English or Spanish both have their ups and downs. For me, one's not harder than the other. They’re just different. But what I did realize is that I just love teaching. It’s a lot of fun.

So, as requested from Brooke, I’ll fill my peeps in on the various weird/cool foods that I have been eating. Most recently... tacos de lengua. Cow tongue. It's as delicious as it sounds. Actually, it was pretty good. But I’ll still say it – it was chewy :) but surprisingly good.

Saturday was a crazy day. F’s baptism was set for 7 pm. So throughout the day, Elder J and I were all over the place. It had just snowed the night before, which in itself is crazy I might add - 3 inches! So the library was closed due to that, but we needed to make a program. Also F requested the Bishop to perform the baptism, but he got kidney stones... so we needed to break it to him and figure out who would do it... PLUS we still needed to find someone to preside at the service. We were on the phone all day. Then we had forgotten about baptismal clothes... so we were running around with that. Finally, we needed to be at the church 2 hours early to fill up the font. Crazy day, plus a regular day of missionary work. We were exhausted.
Everything worked out though. The service was awesome, we had a decent turnout, and you could tell F knew he had made the right decision. I had the opportunity to perform the ordinance of baptism. It was way cool.

So transfers are tomorrow. I got the call on Saturday night and.... I’m staying in GOOSE CREEK! wooo! Elder J is going home and Elder W is being transferred so all four of us are going up to Irmo tomorrow morning. and then I’ll head back to Goose Creek with a new comp.

Well I love ya and I hope you all have a great week.


Elder Stoneman

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