Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hola! Como le va?

I know... I impress myself too with my Spanish. Muy bien. hahaha. I’m such a missionary loser.

So this week has been great. I was told when I first got here that the days were like weeks and the weeks were like days. Seriously it’s true. the days actually go by fairly fast... but the weeks just fly by. I literally feel like it was p-day like two days ago. I love how fast it goes by. I’m learning so much too. My espanol is coming along. it's tough but I’m hanging in there... Elder Finch on the other hand took French his senior year of high school and keeps getting the two languages mixed up. hahaha.

I need things from people (everyone; yes that means YOU): addresses and pictures. just dearElder them to me. I only get 30 min on the computer so it's hard to read emails sent to MYLDSMAIL.

Thanks to everyone who sent me letters this week. I’m writing Molly/McKay this week so expect a letter. I’m going to rotate letters between my siblings each week. Sorry Max and Brooke... you live in fricken Jerusalem. But I’ll include notes in my letters home to mom and dad that are especially for you... mom and dad could you send them on to the Hebrew kids? By the way... thank you SO much Max and Brooke for the dearElders. They always make me smile. I love them. I appreciate all of you. Derick I’m writing you too this week!

It is pretty weird that I’ve been here 3 weeks. Does NOT feel like it. The D.R. elders that are in our zone leave this week for the DR MTC. It is amazing. I’m a third done. holla!

The Sunday devotionals here are surprisingly decent. They get good speakers and I’ve enjoyed them a lot. I’ve gotta hand it to the MTC, they know their stuff...it is amazing how organized this place is...

I attended my first "hasta ver" last night. a district in our zone left today, so the whole zone (well at least the elders since it was in the residence) went to a room and we all sang Hasta Ver and the elders each said a little something and handed down the zone BoM to the next oldest district. My zone is so cool.

haha So I’ve gained 2 pounds. haha I weighed myself before gym... then I weighed myself after gym and I had lost half a pound. my weight is basically the same. The MTC cafeteria is muy bueno... it's not the same thing everyday which is impressive... I’ve only had the same thing once so far.

Oh... I gave my first priesthood blessing. It was a pretty awesome experience.

The MTC is an okay place. I am learning so much. I’ve come to love the work and the gospel. My testimony has grown so much and I feel so close to the Lord. He has blessed me so much already.

Anyway. thank you for all the letters, love, and support. I miss you all. I hope to hear from you soon. hint hint.

Elder A. Stone man

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  1. Woosie and Co. Thanks for what must be the best missionary blog... EVER! We will follow with great anticipation. Love to you all, and especially pass it on to Augie for us.