Monday, October 19, 2009

Elder Stoneman. Holla.

Hi Mom and Dad.

How are you two? I'm stoked to hear you got a place in the condo. Well... just so you know... I'm doing great and miss you and love you tons. Thanks for the letters, love, and support.

Good luck with moving. I'm sad I can't be there.... not. :) hahahaha. Have fun :) Keep me posted on the move and dog, etc. Hey, also could you send me poems and such... and music lyrics... to keep me sane.

So this week has rocked. I scored so many things - letters packages... it was the bomb. Thanks to Molly and McKay, Nora, Landen, Bentley, Mom, Jana, Ben, Max, Auntie Mary, Sky, and the Goomi( thanks I loved the letter.). I got two packages. Thank you so much Barnes!!! Loved the goodies and notes. Thanks to Nancy for the MTC half-way celebration package. and oh!... did we celebrate. MTC style. :) haha. Seriously though... when the DR boys left, our district got along better that first day... so that night we toasted with the Martinelli from the dearelder package. It was awesome.

So our district leader, called Elder Finch to permanently lead the music... because he leads really funny. He takes this DEEP breath in and makes a lot of noise when doing so. Then he leads with gusto. It's awesome. But I love Elder Finch. He's a good kid. We are learning a lot and becoming better teachers. It is really cool. I love it.

So I saw Karly Smith! That was cool. She lives and goes to class in the same building that my class is in. In fact she is just across the hall. I didn't see her until like Saturday though, it was nice to see a familiar face. haha She kept calling me Augie. Haven't heard that in a while... 4 weeks. What?!?! I've been here for 4 weeks. As Hobbie would say... creepy.

I’ve got a funny. One of the districts in our zone left and when they were leaving some of them brought their bags to class. So they put this hysterical elder, Elder Schmidt, inside one of the bags (I thought of Max) and took it to his own classroom asking Hermana Rizley, the teacher, if it would be okay to keep in there. She said yeah and kept teaching. About 10 minutes later, the bag started shaking... and she didn't notice... and even asked where Elder Schmidt was... so the district was busting up... and she kept asking... then, faintly from luggage, they all heard "estoy aqui... estoy aqui" …

Sunday was pretty cool...I passed the sacrament and spoke in our district meeting.... It was really cool. My testimony has grown so much. I love it. I've learned to really rely on the Lord. Without His help... I would not have made it this far. The MTC is getting a lot better. It goes fast. I love going to the temple.

Love you all. Talk to you soon.

Elder Stoneman. holla

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