Monday, February 28, 2011

Small World Indeed

So this was pretty neat.

There is this sister in our mission from India. She has served in SC for about 4 months. She was originally a Temple Square sister. What they do is send them out somewhere into the field for a portion of their missions. So she has been serving here and is such a great missionary!! She will leave and go back to Temple Square next week for the remainder of her mission.

Well, Elder T and I went into President's home one day last week. This sister missionary, Sister V, and her companion were sitting down with Sister McConkie. Sister V was so excited to see me. "I have to show you something..." (in a sweet Indian accent). She pulled out of her scriptures her patriarchal blessing and showed me the signature on the back... sure enough - Francis M. Gibbons. I about fell to the floor. Apparently it had come up in conversation with Sister McConkie. The sisters were going to leave but wanted to wait until we arrived to talk to me and to have a picture with me taken. Sister McConkie took a picture and I’m attaching it.

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