Monday, February 28, 2011

The Secret is Out

Mom, you asked about Elder T. He is a great guy. He's from a small town in central Utah. His home town's name says it all - "Bicknell, Utah" hahaha I love it. He grew up on a cow farm. So he loves cows. I’m having a blast with him. He is one of the best teachers in the mission. He's wicked smart too. Cool guy. He goes home in two more transfers - May 2011. Usually President will send his assistants out into the field for their last transfer or two to train a new missionary and to just tear it up. Elder T will be staying one more transfer with me and then probably train a new missionary for his last transfer.

So the secret is out... officially. President Holm from St George Utah will be our new president. He sounds like nice guy and very successful. President McConkie seems to think we will like him very much. Also another secret that is out of the bag in our mission... I don't know you if you've heard. ... but our mission is increasing in size by about a third. In July we will get the whole Augusta Stake. Pretty awesome.

Last Sunday on post, I taught a man named G. I taught him for about an hour and a half with his fellowshipper who is a young man preparing to serve a mission. It was a really good lesson. We talked a lot about families and I was pumped when it came time to share with him about my own family. I made you guys sound good... your welcome. :) - really though - you are the best family ever. He committed to baptism tomorrow. Keep Brother G in your prayers.

Thanks for the package, Sam and Kell. That blue tie is the bomb. Thanks for the stuff - I actually needed quite a few of the things you included. haha I loved the notes from the kids. Hobby, it makes me sad too that I can’t see you. But I will be home really soon - right after your birthday. Kayla keep singing. I want to hear more of it when I’m home.

So we had more transfer planning this week. Transfers are on Wednesday. We will get new missionaries on Monday. Then pretty much from Monday to Thursday its nuts. We get the new missionaries. Then we train them. Then we have transfers. Then we get the old missionaries and send them home. I’m so excited though. It's always a fun week.

Next month will be crazy! We have zone conferences in each zone, plus more of the firesides in each stake, and then we’ll go around to all the zones again for interviews, and then back to transfer planning at the end of the month. Wish me luck :) I will need it.

I think that's it.
Love ya!
Elder Stoneman

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