Monday, March 29, 2010

Transfer Time!

March 29, 2010

Hey! What's happenin’, Madre and Padre? How's it all goin’?

Thanks for the emails. I glanced at them a little bit... sounds like everyone is great. Thanks for the emails last week... from everyone. All the sibs, auntie Mary and Cath, and Jana... the emails always bring a good laugh. Thank you all.

We got transfer calls. Elder W is leaving - so I'll be getting a new companion. As I’m sure you've already guessed... I’m staying in Goose Creek! Boo yah! By the end of this next transfer I will have been in GC for 6 months. I’m stoked. There are some great people we've been working with that will definitely be baptized in the coming weeks. So I’m pumped!

The baptismal service was rockin’. The boys showed up in brand new suits and shoes and ties.. I can't wait for my nephews to be wearing their own suits. We had a great turnout and the mom (who we have been having trouble finding and speaking with) showed up! She was great! She loved it and was really attentive in the Joseph Smith movie. I had the opportunity to baptize them both. After each had come out of the water they each said something to the affect that "that was cool". Later on we were just talking. I was quizzing them about gospel principles and commandments. I asked them... what is the Word of Wisdom... F, 11, said "it's about taking care of your body." and then I asked what five things do we need to avoid. H 10, listed "coffee, tea, alcohol, drugs, and TABASCO." hahaha It was hilarious.

The boys were confirmed yesterday. Elder T confirmed F and I confirmed H. Their mom was there to witness it. She loved church and got some great fellowshipping from las hermanas in the ward. There is great teaching potential there. Also P returned to church. Keep her in your prayers that she will know that baptism is right... she's living as a member... just nervous to actually become one.

Elder L usually translates at church. He serves in the other ward and has been doing the translation ever since Elder J left. He wasn't able to yesterday....leaving it up to Elder Stoneman. I attempted and it was tough. Testimonies and prayers were easier, but the first talk I ended up paraphrasing... VERY basic and simple paraphrase. So during the intermediate hymn I ran and got a Spanish gospel principles book and after the second speaker introduced his topic, I flipped to that part of the book and just read from it... haha.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said, "You can’t convert beyond your own conversion." I just want you all to know that I know that I am converted. This work is true. It is of the Lord and He has helped me immensely. I know that this Church, with its restored gospel and priesthood, is true, and that it is the kingdom of God on earth. I love it and I love sharing it everyday. Being a missionary has changed my life already. I have become converted.

I love you all and thank you all for the love, prayers, and letters. Have a great week. Pictures are on their way.

Elder Augustus Archer Stoneman

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