Monday, March 22, 2010

Quick Random Fun Facts

Quick Random Fun Facts
1. The bugs have begun! AH! They are big and gross. Gotta love it though.
2. Also the reptiles have begun as well. Lots of lizards and frogs.
3. The peeps here call rain "liquid sunshine".
4. It's been hot. I’ve been able to shed the coat two different times now. And man is that a wonderful feeling!! Only two more weeks and it's for good!
5. We've been having some great success. Also I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my Spanish from the natives recently. Too bad I’m gringo :)
6. The boys we are working with are doing great. They are all set for baptism this weekend.
7. Transfer calls are this upcoming weekend. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego going to send Elder Stoneman?

Well, I hope you enjoyed the fun facts! Have a wonderful week.

Elder Stoneman

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