Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bit of a Crazy Week

Honestly.... bit of a crazy week.

Thursday ... rain. That is literally all I can say. Rain. Well, I take that back... I’ll say more - it just dumped. It wasn't bad though because it wasn't windy or cold. Just very very wet. Question: do suits always reek when they get wet? Because mine do, but only when they're wet. So ANYHOO.... pretty awesome day though. Later we ate with some members... good thinking on their part - they took us out. haha We were soaked.

In the middle of the night I woke up sick as a DAWG. Yes dawg. Much like the Provo J-Dawgs. We went out and worked for a few hours when I felt better.

Anyway... P is getting baptized this upcoming Saturday. It's gonna be sweet. She and F are both doing great. F came up to me at church yesterday and, all on his own, asked me how and where to pay tithing. He remembered. He truly understands. It's awesome. They will be a fantastic member family.

We are working with some kids. That's a lot of fun. They are 10 and 11. The dad is a less active that we knocked into a few weeks back. He was baptized in New York and wants to come back to church and wants this for his boys, too. The kids' names are F and H. The dad wasn't able to come to church yesterday, but he dropped off the boys, so they sat with me during Sacrament Meeting. It was pretty funny... the bishopric was doing a lot of sustaining. I’d hold my arm, they'd turn their heads and look at me, and their arms would be up immediately. After one of the times I looked down at H, and he had both index fingers and thumbs extended... making sure which was right and which was left and that he'd held up the correct hand. It was great.

Thanks to all who wrote. I got a ton of mail. thank you! Mom, the distribution goods are just fine. Thanks again. I had a woman in the ward hem my baptismal pants. All is well. Thank you. Sorry I don't have more responses or comments to emails and letters, I have yet to read most of them. Will reply soon. But thanks again for the mail!

I’m going to finish here. Love you all and be safe!

Elder Stoneman

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