Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Church is True, Book is Blue, Seeya in Two...

Hey Mom and Dad!

So... I GOT MY FLIGHT PLANS! Holla! That's what's up. oooooooooohhhh yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah... (that’s for you Max) So hey thank you for the letter. Awesome. I hope you got mine okay. I tried to fit all I could into this email.

Flight info:

I depart from the SLC airport Monday the 23rd at 7am -I arrive in Atlanta at 12:41 (I’m assuming in that time zone...?) -I leave ATL at 1:47pm -I arrive in Columbia SC at 2:45.

I will call around those times.

So since I’m leaving so early in the morning next Monday... this is my last p-day at the MTC... and probably the last time you'll hear from me at the MTC. I may send a letter with pics to you mom and dad.

I got a bunch of letters this week from mah peeps! holla and thank you. haha. Sam I DID get your letter last week like right after I sent the email... so I didn't mention you... but I got it and thanks for resending it. You're awesome! Thanks for the letter and the little letters from the kids. So awesome. Loved the Colin and Kayla story too. Dad thank you for your letter. I very much appreciated it and am taking in all of your counsel. Melissa! You are the best. Thank you for thinking of me and sending a note my way. I loved it. Sounds like everything is well in your home... the usual... crazy! haha. Loved the stories. thank you. Mom thanks for the dearelders and the letter with the calling card. Jana... thanks for the handwritten... I sent you one too... hope you got it....? McKay... once again you're the man.

I scored a package from my favorite chocolate shop... WITH my favorite chocolates inside. Steve and Kate I sent you an email. But I’ll thank you again... publicly. Goomi - I received your letter this morning. Thanks for the response. Love you both.

So this week... since I’m leavin... don't send any dearelders after thurs. I think they may forward any mail I get though.

Elder Finch quote of the week.... we're doin some comp study and we're reading from PMG... the line in a story said something to this effect:
"Alberto was worried about his ailing wife.."
What Elder Finch said (oh and by the way he didn't even notice... he just kept goin)...
"Alberto was worried about his alien wife.."
haha Good ol' Elder Finch.

We have our own hasta ver this Sunday. We're the oldest district too. Oh yeah and on Sunday we are singing as a district... Abide with Me; ‘Tis Eventide... except in Spanish... Conmigo Quedate Senor... it's going to be awesome. We're probably the best sounding district. Just sayin.

Well the MTC has been an all right experience. I’ve grown and learned a lot. I’m ready to leave though.

Thanks to everyone who has written me and who has given their love and support and all around good vibes. I love you all... and I’m off to serve a fricken mission.

Church is true,
Book is blue,
Seeya in two...

Just sayin.


Elder Stoneman

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