Friday, August 19, 2011

Three Assistants

Max thanks for the email. You had me laughing pretty hard. Love ya!

We had mini zone conferences this week. In September we are having a GA come to tour SCCM. President Holm has not had a zone conference yet and he didn't want his first one to be the one with the GA... So we threw together a mini zone conference schedule. It was fun. We did 7 zones in 4 days. It was just like meet the president tour all over again. A LOT of driving. It was a great zone conference. President Holm trained on his vision of the mission. He had us make cards to give everyone. His focus is member work. He is pushing it. Everyone is on board so it will be so awesome... we just need to start applying. As a mission we are just not used to working effectively with members. President Holm gave us really good advice and tips on how to do member missionary work. It’s what the mission needs.

President Holm got speak a lot with Uncle Dan at the MTC. Uncle Dan told him to call me Augie a bunch. And he has. hahaha. I’m glad to hear that they're there in Novosibirsk. Give them my best.

I have a replacement. President called Elder C. to replace me the new assistant. We did things a little differently this time though. President announced Elder C. in the first round of zone conferences because that was the zone we were in. President had called him the night before and told him to pack his bags. Elder Douglas and I figured out the rest of the logistics. and Elder C. has been our companion since Tuesday. Three Assistants! He will be able to go through a full transfer week and help us prepare for it. It's been a lot of fun in a 3-pack. He is a way funny kid who reminds me a lot of Peter Burton. I leave the office on Wednesday for my new assignment! Will keep you posted on that.

Fort Jackson was great last Sunday. I taught the class. a soldier raised his hand for baptism. He is RLDS. He said that he has attended church his whole life but has never felt like the way he did on Sunday. He recognized it as an answer from God. He wants to change his life and become a better person. He committed to being baptism tomorrow.

Love ya... I will write a week from Monday... August 22nd

Elder Stoneman

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