Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Wake Up and It's Transfers!

I opened my email today with a whole bunch of fan mail. Everyone in SLC seems a bit trunked out of their minds – all they talk about is me coming home. What the heck? Thanks though. hahaha. I was glad to hear though that everyone is doing well back home. Everyone looks pretty different. I got some pics. I’m so glad to hear about Sky's homecoming. That awesome. He looks good. Tell him I love him. And to shoot me a letter. Did he get my last one in time?

Well before I begin climbing in the trunk myself I better move on. The week has been pretty good. Well as good as transfers can be. President Holm said in the MTC they told him that when you're in scouting, you'll wake up and it'll be Tuesday, then you'll wake up and it'll be Tuesday, then you'll wake up and it'll be Tuesday. They told him that after a few months out, he'd wake up and it'll be transfers, then he'll wake up and it'll be transfers. That how I feel. Transfers come so quickly!

Things went very smooth though. It was a big transfer. We decided to just throw the Augusta zone into the mix as well. So the mission is officially merged. hahaha Needless to say, we've been getting a lot of calls as to "how to do things" - their culture and our culture are just so different. The proselyting programs and goal setting is different. BUT it’s the same gospel. If the church wasn’t true, the missionaries would have messed it up a long time ago.

The departing missionary group was a tough one to send out. Elder P left with such a strong testimony. Hilarious well rounded missionary. Definitely one of my closest friends. He was an awesome leader. We lost a lot of leaders. So there were some big changes made on Wednesday. It’ll be interesting to see how it develops.

Elder Douglas and I have been teaching quite a bit. We are working with the M family. They came to church at the Irmo ward. They loved it. The mom is going through chemo right now, but has found a lot of strength and comfort in the gospel.

We found two more new investigators. They are sisters from the Bahamas. They are in their 30s and married with a few children. K is visiting for the summer from the Bahamas and A lives here. The lesson that we had with them was incredible. We first started off by reading Alma 32:21 about faith because on their wall was a little plaque that pretty much said the same thing. They were so impressed by that. Then we taught them the restoration as they asked questions like "Why are there so many churches?" "Shouldn’t there be just one?" They were asking the most golden questions. They are definitely elect and prepared by the Lord. We had them each pray at the end of the lesson on their knees to know if Joseph Smith is a prophet. They received their answer. One said that it just feels right.

So that's who we're teaching in Irmo.

At Fort Jackson things are awesome. We had 4 baptisms last Sunday. We’re looking at a good month - there are so many soldiers. Attendance was 300 total.

Well that's it.

Love ya

Elder Stoneman

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