Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bi-Lo Wedding Cake

I’m very glad to hear that things are well. Give Grandma my love.

So it's been a great week!

The wedding went great. So awesome. haha Elder T and I went around to find plates, cups, forks, punch and a cake! It got to the point where the wedding was in an hour and we still didn't have a cake. We went to a Bi-Lo and there was the perfect size cake we were looking for. The kicker was that its colors were red white and blue. To me that wasn’t the best fit for a wedding. We of course didn't buy it but we bought another cake and had the lady write congratulations in Spanish on top.

The turnout was good. L cut his long curly hair. They both looked so good and very happy. I translated the ceremony and then we had cake and punch.

L did not get baptized as he was scheduled for last Sunday. Bummer. We found out like right before the wedding that he had not told his wife about getting baptized. She has been a little stand-off-ish.... so we did not want to create any problems. We pushed the baptism back a week to give L some time to talk to her. It's been pretty stressful waiting for that and and waiting for her approval. We had gone over Tuesday night and we role played with him - practicing how to tell her. That didn’t go well. Finally I just asked L to tell Elder T and I why he wanted to get baptized. He then explained about how much he cares for his family and that he knows that baptism is something that will bless his family. He said that he knew he would become a better husband and father. It was amazing. After he was done I suggested to him that that was what he needed to tell his wife. He finally told her Thursday night, and she is supportive. She will be coming to his baptism tomorrow and staying for general conference.

Other than that the week has been pretty mild. We've had interviews in Spartanburg and Columbia - and we go up to Greenville next week.

We had transfer planning last Monday. I know who my new comp is... haha... sorry I can’t tell ya yet. We will have another planning session though this upcoming Monday to make any changes to the transfer scenario. It's looking good. We only have two transfers left until President Holm comes in.

We had zone leader council yesterday. So awesome. The zone leaders are just pumped. We are having some real great success so far this year. President McConkie has received some phone calls from various general and area authorities telling him that they've noticed how well we're doing. Apparently we are in the top tier of the southern missions. We are focused though on doing even better. We are doing well but we're not settling for that. There is so much more we can do in the Lord's vineyard. We have so much potential.

Well I’m stoked for conference. As usual, mom, I’ll be having every missionary sitting around me keeping an eye out for you. It makes the songs even better than they already are.

Love ya!

Elder Stoneman

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