Monday, March 21, 2011

The Green Stuff is Back

Mom thanks for the letter. I’ve got a couple other letters too from family and you all sound trunked out of your minds! I’ll have you know I’m staying focused. Your trunky comments make me smile though.

Hey thank you for the CD's. So awesome. I love the "Morning Trumpet" song.... it's a good'n. I haven't seen President all week but I left his copy on his desk. I’m in the office today and it is no longer there so I assume he has it. Thanks for thinking of him and Sister McConkie. I know they'll love it. Also thanks for giving the conference tickets to Elder T. He's an awesome guy. you'll love him when he comes over to visit.

Thanks Mol for the letter. I miss you guys too and the Burg. My best vibes are on their way.

So it was an okay week. nothing too exciting except for D's baptism. It was so cool. He's awesome. There was a huge turnout. On base no one was baptized. Brother S came though and was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood. All of the recent converts there are doing really well. The base rocks!! Bro G is cool but is nervous about baptism.

On Monday the office staff (senior missionaries) took Elder T out to lunch for his birthday. It was a good time. The office staff is so funny.We went on quite a few exchanges this week. We stayed in the Columbia area for the most part and then yesterday we traveled out to Georgetown, SC. It is pretty close to Myrtle Beach. Long drive. Elder T and I worked out there and had pretty good success. The branch out there needs a boost so us and a few other missionaries went and blitzed the area. It was a good day. The pollen out there was nuts though. So gross. I forgot how bad it is. My shoes were green by the end of the day.

So same old same old here. Sorry not too exciting this week - but I still love and pray for you all of you!

Elder Stoneman

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