Monday, November 29, 2010

A Southern Thanksgiving

This week has flown. I really only had 2 full days of proselyting,. The other days were packed. But it was a really good week. A lot of great things happened.

Thursday. Thanksgiving was amazing. Man. I can't even believe how good it was. Best meal on my mission. We had a lunch appointment at the relief society pres's home. To sum her up... southern, sarcastic, intimidating, funny, and SOUTHERN. Beautiful home. She was so funny. She kept picking on and messing with my companion... just teasing... it reminded me of back home... but southernized. It was hilarious. Elder P and I were laughing pretty good. The food was amazing. She made a sweet yam soufflé, tons of flavorful meat and stuffing, and lots and lots of dessert. So good. I stuffed myself. By the time our 5 o clock dinner appointment came around I could hardly eat.... but I did. And man! It was good too. I was so full. It was a good day - full of food, sports (we played soccer and bball in the morning), and I watched a sweet home video of a member of the bishopric alligator hunting/wrestling. Such a good day

R is doing well. He came to church yesterday and was interviewed. He will be baptized on Wednesday and I get to perform it. I’m really excited.

Friday and Saturday we had the training meeting. It was great. President and the assistants trained. The zone is just struggling on how to teach people and work effectively. But with a lot of role playing... the zone is doing better. A lot of the zone is baptizing in the next few weeks. I’m really pumped. We are on fire.

We had four people at church yesterday who are all scheduled to be baptized in the month of December. Also... I found the Tellos and they are on date to be baptized on the 18th. Elder W and I are working really hard and are being blessed for it.

Transfer calls are this weekend. I’m nervous. Everyone is saying I’m gone. I’ll be so bummed. I love this area. Charleston rocks. But I’ll go where He wants me to go.... :)

Love you guys,

Elder Stoneman

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