Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey Ya'll!

Hey ya'll.

The post was so great last week! Brother F and his fellowshipper, Brother C barely made it to sacrament meeting. I sat between them and Brother C leaned over to me and said "he's ready." He told me that they had been talking all week about it. Brother C had taught him the plan of salvation and Brother F was all the way up to 2 Nephi.

We sat reverently during the sacrament and I noticed that Brother F was praying and really taking the sacrament seriously and to heart. You could see that he had a testimony. I pulled him out after the sacrament was passed to finish teaching him and to get him interviewed and suited up. We went out and his knowledge and testimony of the gospel was incredible. Brother F told me a cool story - he said that a few weeks ago, he was going to some protestant church and they had invited him to be baptized. He was going to be baptized the next week. He explained that it just didn't feel right to be baptized then... so he didn't show up. After attending our services and studying with me and Brother C, he said that he prayed about it and it finally felt right. He’s so awesome. He got the priesthood and then this past week he graduated.

Mother’s day call was so great! Thanks for being there everyone! I loved being able to talk to you all.

Sister F had her last round of chemo last week. She's doing really well. This week, she had her same old energy. The F’s took us to a military graduation for Brother C and Brother F. There were 1300 soldiers graduating. the bleachers were packed. Our seats rocked!! We sat LITERALLY right behind the general of the whole post. So intense. There were snipers out in case there was an attack. Pretty sweet. The graduation was cool - very patriotic.

So along with all of the crazy events going on... I am working on a few things. I’ve created all of the Spanish tools/materials for the Spanish elders. It's a huge packet of materials that will help the work of the Spanish elders. Also, Elder Douglas and I are working on some letters to give to the returned missionaries on post... to increase member missionary work. Also we are working on a letter to recent converts to increase retention rates.

We stopped in Greenwood on the way back from interviews. That’s where Elder T is assigned. The town was INFESTED with sakayda bugs. Freakin nuts. The whole city hummed. we then stopped at a very southern old couple’s house who were recently baptized. Here are the best quotes from the visit.

"Take a seat - just throw them pillers off the couch."

The wife began talking about how the Bible and the Book of Mormon were written at the same time and wrote about the same things... she said, quite seriously - "Now that's a miracle, ya'll!"

Love you guys!!!

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